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International Tuition Fees 2022/2023

  Subject ICRGU Fees


RGU Fees 
First Year Degree Accounting and Finance £13,350 
First Year Degree Architecture £14,000 £15,040
First Year Degree Art and Design £13,350 £15,000
First Year Degree Business and Management £13,350 £15,000
First Year Degree Computing and Digital Media £13,350 £15,040
First Year Degree Creative Business, Marketing and Media £13,350 £14,000 
First Year Degree Surveying £14,000 £15,040
First Year Degree Engineering £14,650 £16,650

University Foundation

Health Sciences £14,935 £14,000

University Foundation

Life Sciences £14,935  £15,040

University Foundation

Nursing £14,935  £13,670
University Foundation Pharmacy £14,935 £16,770

June 2022


£13,720 - £17,700

October 2022, February 2023




  ICRGU Payment Details

Students can pay their fees online via credit card, debit card or a bank transfer in the currency of your choice so they don’t have to worry about exchange rates or bank fees. To make a payment please follow the link below. 


Payment Installment Plans

Undergraduate: Applicants are required to make a deposit of a least 50% of ICRGU course fees as listed on their offer. The remainig 50% is due as a second installment by week 10 of semester 1. 


Postgraduate: Applicants are required to make full payment of their pre-masters programme prior to the issue of CAS. 


For information relating to RGU Installment plans, please visit: 


Payment methods

The following applies for all fees and other charges including student accommodation.

Payment of the amount, along with any transaction costs due, should be made in £, pounds sterling, to ICRGU  by:

  • International bank draft;
  • Telegraphic transfer;
  • UK bank debit card online;
  • Non-UK bank debit card online (3% surcharge may apply).

Pay your fees online

If payment is made by telegraphic transfer then it must state (a) the student's name, and (b) the student's ICRGU student ID number as reference for payment, and provide ICRGU with proof of payment.


* - A breakdown of applicable Tuition Fees and, where applicable the Navinsure Premium, 
is provided in the Unconditional Offer Letter. 
- Once the Applicant has accepted his or her offer in line with term 2.5 of the ICRGU 
conditions ( the amount of Tuition Fees for the 
first year of your Programme is fixed.
- Fees for any subsequent years of study before Progression are reviewed annually
and will not usually increase by more than 5% (five percent) per year. Such increases
may reflect increases in the Consumer Price Index; increases resulting from changes in
any applicable taxation; changes by regulatory, professional or academic bodies; and 
ensuring parity with Partner University tuition fees. The College will give as much
notice as possible of any such Tuition Fee changes. The College has no control over 
or responsibility for fees payable to third parties, which may include (without 
limitation) accommodation fees where the accommodation is not provided by a Navitas
Group Company.
- Partner University tuition fees that apply to a Student after Progression are
determined by the Partner University and published on the Partner University’s website