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Postgraduate Pathway in Creative and Cultural Business

This programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to complete your studies at a postgraduate level and specialise in your chosen area - be it corporate communication, digital marketing, or management on an international scale. Upon successful completion, you will progress seamlessly onto your chosen Master’s degree of the six available.

Pathways at Robert Gordon University

Minimum 15 Years Education

Master's at Robert Gordon University








 (No October intake available for students planning to progress onto MSc Business Analytics.)



This 10-week programme is specifically designed for students studying the pathway to Robert Gordon University Master’s programmes. Developed alongside RGU, this course provides graduates the skills, knowledge and focus needed throughout their studies at MSc level. Students will develop and demonstrate a proactive and self-managed approach to business planning, project management, critical thinking and problem solving.

Students who successfully complete the Pre-Masters course at ICRGU are guaranteed entry to their chosen MSc programme.

MSc Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

The MSc Corporate Communications and Public Affairs course provides the practical skills and relevant knowledge required for a career within PR and Public affairs. Boasting a 4-week industry placement and real projects to develop, this course has great opportunities to gain both the theory and practical skills of the industry. 

MSc Digital Marketing

This course aims to introduce students to a wide range of technologies and techniques, providing an overview of the digital marketing landscape. It is delivered with significant input from industry partners and much of the work completed is based on live digital marketing projects in collaboration with real businesses including website and SEO audits, content creation, marketing and digital PR. This allows students to develop a portfolio of real world experience during study as well as building relationships with industry.

MSc International Fashion Business

This course is aimed at those who wish to gain specialist fashion knowledge and skills alongside marketing and management techniques specific to the international fashion industry. Applicants are not required to have a portfolio or an undergraduate degree in design.

MSc International Marketing

The International Marketing degree covers domestic and international marketing issues and develops students to have a more creative, flexible and customer-focused approach to marketing.

MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management

MSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management degree develops relevant industry skills and knowledge.



  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication
  • Management 
  • Critical Thinking

Core Module Information

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Postgraduate internships

Robert Gordon University offers postgraduate students the opportunity to undertake a short internship as part of specific MSc degrees. The University recognises the value of additional experience at Postgraduate level. You will undertake a specific project for a company in the UK, and help further develop key skills, as well as build confidence, experience and contacts within industry. These opportunities are currently only available for students joining the February and June intakes at ICRGU:

  • MSc International Fashion Business 4 weeks
  • MSc Corporate Communication and Public Affairs 4 weeks
  • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management 4 weeks

Popular Careers for MSc Graduates

Successful completion of this course will provide graduates the skills, knowledge and focus for management and senior management roles. Students will have to develop and demonstrate a proactive and self-managed approach to business planning, project management and problem-solving.


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