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Undergraduate Pathway in Surveying

With up to eight months of paid industrial placement integrated into this course, students will become familiar with both the theoretical and practical aspects of their chosen degree, making them highly sought after graduates.
ICRGU offers first-year entry to the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment courses at Robert Gordon University. The university has a long history of creating work-ready students with the transferable skills required within a variety of sectors be it construction, commercial project management and the energy sector.

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2nd year at Robert Gordon University

Fees*, duration and location

First Year Degree Second Year Degree Third Year Degree (placement) Final Year Degree
ICRGU Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment, RGU Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment, RGU Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment, RGU

2 semesters

2 semesters

1 semester class based, 1 semester work placement opportunity

2 semesters







First Year: 



BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

The Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management course at RGU is a stepping stone for students who see their future careers in the financial management and leadership of projects within the built environment. It provides students the opportunity to progress towards becoming  Chartered Surveyors and can lead to career opportunities across the globe.

This course at RGU enables students to develop construction and quantity surveying core skills through Years 1 and 2, and then apply that learning to more complex project scenarios in Years 3 and 4.
Students will be challenged to provide practical solutions to real life project scenarios drawn from the industry. In Semester 2 of Year 3, you will have the opportunity to extend your learning in the workplace through an Industrial Placement with an employer.

The final year project will require students to apply the skills and knowledge acquired from the course over the four years,  particularly problem-solving, creative-thinking and collaborative skills.


Placement option year 3 (all courses)

Eight month paid placement.

Students undertaking the placement route must return for their fourth year, resulting in a bachelor’s degree with honors.


  • Building Design
  • Building Technology
  • Built Environment Communication 
  • Surveying Methods
  • Economics for the Built Environment
  • Detailing and Specification 
  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication

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Popular Careers

Graduates from this course will be able to progress their career both nationally and internationally. Career prospects extend beyond Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management. You will have the ability to pursue careers in Project Management, Contract Administration, Dispute Resolution, Procurement, Property Development and so on.


Opportunities for construction graduates/ professionals are on a global scale and we have alumni working in the USA, New Zealand, Australia as well as all over the UK.


Career paths for graduates include:

  • Construction Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Building Surveyor
  • Quantity Surveyor
*- A breakdown of applicable Tuition Fees and, where applicable the Navinsure Premium, is provided in the Unconditional Offer Letter. 
- Once the Applicant has accepted his or her offer in line with term 2.5 of the ICRGU conditions ( the amount 
of Tuition Fees for the first year of your Programme is fixed.
- Fees for any subsequent years of study before Progression are reviewed annually and will not usually increase by more than 5% (five percent) per year. 
Such increases may reflect increases in the Consumer Price Index; increases resulting from changes in any applicable taxation; 
changes by regulatory, professional or academic bodies; and ensuring parity with Partner University tuition fees. The College will give as much 
notice as possible of any such Tuition Fee changes. The College has no control over or responsibility for fees payable to third parties, which 
may include (without limitation) accommodation fees where the accommodation is not provided by a Navitas Group Company.
- Partner University tuition fees that apply to a Student after Progression are determined by the Partner University and published on the
Partner University’s website

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