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International College at Robert Gordon University

Undergraduate Pathway in Art and Design

Gray’s School of Art located in an inspiring campus beside the stunning River Dee, provides a stimulating environment to develop and refine your creative skills The Art school is an intimate, collaborative learning community in which you will be tutored by practicing artists, designers and researchers of national and international standing.

High School


2nd year at Robert Gordon University

Fees*, location and duration

First Year Degree Second Year Degree Third Year Degree Final Year Degree


Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University

Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University

Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University

2 semesters~

2 semesters

2 semesters

2 semesters





~ extended semester available dependant on artistic evidence



First Year: 




Robert Gordon University’s vibrant Art School has a long an established record of educating and developing creative practitioners who have a real impact on our regional and international economies. As a student at Gray’s you will gain the specialist knowledge and practical experience that you need to excel within todays creative industries, as well as transferable and professional skills.


Evidence of Artistic Ability

Applicants are required to submit evidence of artistic ability - 

canidates may wish to submit a portfolio or can, alternatively, undertake the Artistic Evaluation.


Applicants will receive an email containing guidance on both the portfolio and the Artistic Evaluation, along with instructions on submission for assessment.  


Artistic evaluation guidance 


  • Extended Media Experimentation
  • Information Research, Recording and Responding in Art and Design
  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication
  • Preparation and profession in Art and Design
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Creative Practice in Art and Design
  • Media Experimentation in Art and Design
  • Personal Combined Experimental Studies in Art and Design

Core Module Information

University facilities 

Degree awards from Robert Gordon University

Fine Art


Popular Careers

  • Design Manager
  • Fashion Designer
  • Textiles Designer
  • 3D Visualiser
  • Lead Illustrator
  • Promotions executive
*- A breakdown of applicable Tuition Fees and, where applicable the Navinsure Premium, is provided in the Unconditional Offer Letter. 
- Once the Applicant has accepted his or her offer in line with term 2.5 of the ICRGU conditions ( the amount 
of Tuition Fees for the first year of your Programme is fixed.
- Fees for any subsequent years of study before Progression are reviewed annually and will not usually increase by more than 5% (five percent) per year. 
Such increases may reflect increases in the Consumer Price Index; increases resulting from changes in any applicable taxation; 
changes by regulatory, professional or academic bodies; and ensuring parity with Partner University tuition fees. The College will give as much 
notice as possible of any such Tuition Fee changes. The College has no control over or responsibility for fees payable to third parties, which 
may include (without limitation) accommodation fees where the accommodation is not provided by a Navitas Group Company.
- Partner University tuition fees that apply to a Student after Progression are determined by the Partner University and published on the
Partner University’s website

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