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Postgraduate Pathway in Computing

Keen to advance your career in the computing industry? Developed alongside Robert Gordon University, this 10-week programme will equip you with the skills, knowledge and focus needed to complete your studies at a postgraduate level. On successful completion, you will progress seamlessly onto your chosen Master’s degree of the six available.

Pathways at Robert Gordon University

Minimum 15 Years Education

Master's at Robert Gordon University

Margaret Maclay - Pre-masters lecturer ICRGU








This 10-week programme is specifically designed for students studying the pathway to Robert Gordon University Master’s programmes. Developed alongside RGU, this course provides graduates the skills, knowledge and focus needed throughout their studies at MSc level. Students will develop and demonstrate a proactive and self-managed approach to business planning, project management, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Students who successfully complete the Pre-Masters course at ICRGU are guaranteed entry to their chosen MSc programme.

MSc Data Science

The course will prepare graduates in technical disciplines for a career in the design and implementation use of computer-analytics and visualisation solutions for industry. The course will emphasise Big Data, covering not only traditional data management systems but also systems where data and/or its storage is unstructured.

MSc Cyber Security

This course aims to produce computing specialists who are able to design and maintain secure information systems and networks.

MSc IT for the Energy Industry

This course provides training in software development tools and techniques and IT service management as well as Oil and Gas Engineering and Geoscience. Students can join this course with a degree in any technical subject.

MSc Information Technology (Conversion Course)

These courses are suitable for graduates wishing to transition into an I.T. career from another undergraduate degree.


The Information Technology course is designed to provide the core knowledge and skills required to work within the I.T. industry, using software development tools and techniques to extend and enhance the knowledge and skills of non-computing graduates.  The course includes options that enable specialisation in core I.T sectors:

- Information Technology with Business Intelligence

- Information Technology with Cyber Security



  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication
  • Management 
  • Critical Thinking

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